STFU #AusLit Reading Challenge

There are a plethora of reading challenges out there in the world, so why a STFU Reading Challenge?

First of all, we’re huge supporters of reading diversely and reading Australian works, so why not create a challenge that aims to bring those focuses together?


Secondly, like, why not?


Thirdly, because we wanted to create a reading challenge that’s achievable and fun even if you don’t see yourself as a hardcore reader. Looking to get back into reading after a hiatus? Looking to read a few things outside of your usual comfort zone? Well, this is the challenge for you! At twelve challenges, it's a book a month, or you can complete multiple challenge categories with the same book if you’d like too. We ain't fussy, participate however you like. 


You are a hardcore reader? Degree of difficulty can be ramped up if you want to go for the bonus challenges, as outlined below!

One rule? We're reading Australian titles, with the exception being Challenge 12 - Psych!


So, you’re in? Share your reading journey with us on Instagram and Twitter sharing with #STFUReadingChallenge & #STFUAusLit2020, or share in our STFU Unplugged Facebook Group.

STFU Reading #AusLit Challenge 2020

1. Found on #BookstagramAustralia

​* Scroll through #BookstagramAustralia on Instagram and find an Australian title recommended. [Make sure you check the book is by an Australian  author, as this hashtag will know doubt find you some great Australian Bookstagrammers to follow, but they won't read or recommend exclusively Australian books.]

2. An Australian classic


3. A book by an Indigenous Australian author


4. A book about climate change [cli-fi or non-fiction] 

* Bonus: Read both a fiction [cli-fi] and non-fiction book on climate change

* You might want to check out the Climate Reality Book Club over on Insta for some ideas


5. A book by an LGBTQ+ Australian author


6. A #LoveOzYA book

* #LoveOzYA is a great resource to find an Australian YA read, or check the hashtag on Insta too!


7. A memoir by an Australian woman


8. A poetry collection

* Solo author or anthology


9. A 2020 Finalist for a State Premier's Literary Prize

* Note: Not all states have a Premier's Literary Prize / some are awarded biennially rather than yearly, so are not running in 2020.

* New South Wales Premier's Literary Awards - Shortlist announced March 2020 / Winners announced 27 April 2020

* The Adelaide Festival Awards for Literature - Shortlist out now / Winners announced 29 February 2020

* Victorian Premier's Literary Award - Shortlist out now / Winners announced 30 January 2020

Bonus: Read a finalist [shortlisted book] from each of the State Premier's prizes 


10. A Book by a Territorian author - NT or ACT

Bonus: Read both an NT and ACT author


11. Read and watch a book to movie adaptation


12. A book from across the ditch - A book by a New Zealand author 

Yep, psych!  Kiwi authors need love too. 

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